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Youlanda Burnett, has been writing songs since the age of fifteen.  She has a long history of songwriters and singers in her family, including her late mother.  She grew up listening to a variety of music thanks to her.  She  would often hear her  playing or listening  to everyone from , Karen Carpenter, to Chaka Kahn, Jim Croce, The Commodores and so many more.  Which is probably why her song writing is so varied.  To date she has written over two hundred songs.  Which include everything from, country, pop, r&b , even a little rap and rock & roll.   Even though life would take her in a direction that would derail her career. She never stopped writing and believing that her songs would one day make an impact.  As life gave her more freedom, she started on the journey to get her music heard.  She released her first Cd “Starting Over” in 2001 and then started her own record label Maylay Entertainment.  At one time she had seven acts on her label.  All of which she  managed with her husband.  Even though the acts did not last, she ended up with over 75 songs in her library. After the bumps and bruises of running a record label she decided to expand her wings in a different direction,  acting. Which is something she always wanted to do and she loved it!  Songwriting and  music were always right there and she would eventually return to the studio to record new material.  After releasing her cd “8 Reasons” she learned a very powerful lesson, write for the right reasons.  The meaning is something very personal to her.   After a couple of years of  writing and acting, she came to the realization that the very person who started Maylay Entertainment is the only one left, her.  Her first song in two years would come from a very unlikely place.  She was learning some new dance exercises and one of them was Releve` which means to rise, “that would make a great song” she thought, and slowly but surely everything fell into place.  She found the perfect track and during the course of writing the song,  she went through some personal and professional issues, all of which ended up in the lyrics of the song, Releve`.  Releve` is an inspirational motivational song, that she hopes people will listen to and not give up on their goals, dreams and desires,  and you can also dance to it.  Her next single will be released in July 2013, it’s called “I See You In Me”. You can purchase her music on most major digital download stores. Visit , for more info.





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"The thing about performance, even if it's only an illusion, is that it is a celebration of the fact that we do contain within ourselves infinite possibilities." Daniel Day-Lewis

Ask of Lawrenece Fishbourn "what do you do when you work with actors that have no "swing"  "I  swing anyway."

You could make her cry, but couldn't make her quit....Keenan Ivory Wayans---says about Jennifer Lopez

"I'm a skilled professional actor. Whether or not I've any talent is beside the point." - Michael Caine

One good thing about acting in film is that it's good therapy.  Denzel Washington

I want to have something that last longer than an opening weekend --"George Clooney"

Life is a monologue laugh at it , cry at it, get mad at it--or write about it...