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Chronicles several generations of domestic abuse...Youlanda - plays Beverly who gets fed up with the abuse and tries to teach her son that’s not the way you treat women....Very powerful and a great cast.  The movie was shown at the Gene Siskel Film Center

I love a great quote, this is some of my favorite ones, including my own. I hope they inspire.

"Never say, 'I can't do something.' Just try to say yes to as many different things as you can and that gives you more options. It also keeps you fresher and it doesn't keep it safe. Because once I feel like you're safe as an artist, nothing exciting happens." - Schuler Hensley

 I never looked at the consequences of missing a shot. I'm always thinking I'm going to be successful, not a failure. - Michael Jordan

"Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly"--Robert F. Kennedy

I would like to be a great actress, awesome songwriter, and good at everything else.....YB